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The next big thing is here in the world of print media – the transition to online media.  More and more magazines are offering online subscriptions in lieu of the traditional print versions.  This saves production money, lowering the cost of a subscription, and also helps save the environment, producing less paper products.  These subscriptions can be hosted on all mobile, and tablet products helping you save space as you travel, and in your home.  Major magazines already offering subscriptions include, Jetsetter, Car and Driver, Automobile, US Weekly, Star, National Geographic, OK, Newsweek, Readers Digest and more!

Chevy High Performance

chevyFor those who love their Chevy but want to get more out of it, Chevy High Performance – offered through a National Magazine Exchange subscription – provides reviews on cars and trucks; news; resources; accessories and parts on the: Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, Cobalt, Corvette, Malibu and Impala. There is a section on featured Chevrolet cars as the experts from the magazine view many such cars but only the best will be reviewed.  Also, the magazine features Chevrolets broken down by model.  Then there is technical advice on engines, chassis, interiors and more; details of Chevy Events & Auto shows and lots more.  Nothing is amiss with Chevy High Performance magazine.

Car Craft

carsFor those who have always liked the idea of engaging in boy/man crafts like car projects, a National Publishers Exchange subscription to Car Craft magazine would make a perfect gift.  This monthly magazine offers various projects, reviews on accessories and parts, drag racing, hot rodding and more.  Car Craft has a long history, having first been established in 1953 and published by Source Interlink Media.  Anyone with an interest in the topic – from the novice to the expert – can get something out of this magazine, whose motto is: Loud, Fast, Real.

Bowhunt America

bowhuntingFor serious bowhunters, Bowhunt America is the magazine of choice.  Offered at a greatly reduced rate through a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange, Bowhunt America provides simple solutions to your bowhunting problems.  It offers tactics for the bowhunter; bowhunting equipment and more and has been praised for many of its features, reports and spotlights.  It also contains clear-cut treatment of workable bowhunting techniques as well as exciting bowhunting stories. It comes to the reader in bright, colorful pages that are professionally designed and very readable.  Bowhunters can enjoy this magazine 6 times a year.

Boating Magazine

boatAlways dreamed of a hobby involving boats?  Find yourself looking forward to retirement to take up boating?  Or perhaps you have had a boat for years and want to stay in the know about advancements in the field.  Whatever reason you have for your boating interest, the Boating magazine offered by the National Magazine Exchange and the National Publishers Exchange is a must-read.  Check out the amazing offers through these clearing houses and sign up for a subscription.

With the magazine you will find information on all types of boats, gear, maintenance, boat engines etc.  Articles in February’s edition include: For Comparison’s Sake: Chamois; Protecting Aluminum Boats from Salt Water Corrosion; Boating Lab Tests: Fuel Stabilizers; When Should You Buy a Bigger Boat; Whale of an Encounter; Top 10 Motors at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show; Boating Adventures Await in South Florida, etc.  The magazine also includes message boards, contests (such as 10 Best Places to Live and Boat); Boating Marketplace and more.

Black Belt Magazine

black-beltAlways wanted to get started with martial arts but never found the right time or opportunity?  Love watching your kids do judo and want to help them improve?  Black Belt magazine from the National Publishers Exchange is a great way to start.  Learn new tips; find out what is going on in the world of martial arts today and see what easy moves can be learned at home without too much instruction.  Indeed, Black Belt magazine offers news from gurus like Kenpo Kara Master Jeff Speakman; Bob Wall; Tonfa Blocks and more.  Even if you’re not going to actually learn them yourself, read about techniques from Master Remy Presas on modern-arnis.  Check out the videos (through the magazine’s online version) which explain – step-by-step – techniques, self-defense training, mixed martial arts training, fitness, history, philosophy, weapons and more.  See how people use fighting sticks, and enjoy the thrill of Bruce Lee movies, etc.  There is so much each month offered at Black Belt magazine.

Automobile Magazine

automobileLove cars?  Always dreamed of driving something sportier and cooler than what you currently drive?  Can’t afford a high-end vehicle but still dream of owning one someday anyway?  Then Automobile Magazine is for you.  By taking out a subscription through the National Magazine Exchange, this can be yours for a relatively inexpensive price as well.

And for those who can afford it, Automobile Magazine gives you the latest on new cars; providing detailed car reviews, pictures, videos and the latest concept cars from auto shows around the world.  Basically it’s everything one needs or wants to know about any type of automobile.


Art lovers will enjoy the news, opinions, criticisms and more that make regular contributions in ARTnews.  Being “the most widely read art magazine in the world,” ARTnews was established in 1902, rendering it the world’s “oldest and most widely circulated art magazine.” It boasts a circulation of 180,000 spanning 123 countries and can be yours via a monthly subscription with the National Magazine Exchange.  It is popular amongst artists, collectors, curators and the lay individual and comes out 11 times a year.

The magazine seeks to offer its readership “a lively, provocative, and visually stimulating package that informs as well as entertains with news dispatches from a worldwide network of correspondents, hard-hitting investigative reports, criticism, and opinion.”

Architectural Digest

architectureEver wanted to design your own home?  Dreamed of becoming a designer for a friend or taking it up as a profession?  The National Magazine Exchange offers a great price on a subscription to Architectural Digest.  Indeed this magazine is today viewed as the global authority on design, with work from top architects and designers.  It also offers readers the best tips on culture, shopping, style and travel.

In the January 2013 issue of Architectural Digest for example, sessions covered include: Elevated Luxury (a look at spectacular mountainside chalets for sale); Chef’s Whites (Ivory kitchens, giving great inspiration); Breaking the Mold (Vicente Wolf setting up phenomenal juxtapositions of contemporary art and furnishings in a Manhattan pre-war apartment); Historic Charm (a look at the stunning new boutique hotel Casa San Agustín in Cartagena) and more.

Each month there’s something different, but ultimately something for everyone who’s ever held any interest in design.

Who Wants to be an American Cowboy?

US-CowboyAlways dreamed of being a cowboy?  Or perhaps just dressing like one?  Make that dream a bit of a reality, or at least vicariously through its reality by signing up for a National Magazine Exchange subscription to American Cowboy.  Find out about the top 101 Western gatherings; horse shows; concerts and more.  Read reviews on horse trainers; learn about the best places to take a hideaway vacations; find out where to learn ranch skills and explore the Yellowstone National Park’s wild side on a guided pack trip.  The magazine is packed with so many fun ideas, news, tips and more for anyone who has ever dreamed of living the cowboy life.