A Gift with a Difference: Magazine Subscription from NME

When you get to a certain age, it can often be tough to think of something new and exciting to buy your peers for their birthdays.  It seems like they have everything, because in many cases, they do, at least everything in the affordable price range that you are looking at.  That is why a subscription with a company like the National Magazine Exchange, really can be a great, unique idea.  You can find out what your friend likes (which shouldn’t be so hard if she or he is your good friend), and then select a magazine with that topic.

The great thing about specifically making an order with the NME is that the recipient is able to “exchange” their magazine, mid-way through the subscription, no questions asked.  So if the person you are buying the gift for does do that, it’s like you are buying them two gifts instead of one!

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