A Perfect Gift for the Elderly

With the baby boom generation, the population is increasingly aging and there are many more elderly than was the case some years ago.  While this is good news on the one hand (that people are living longer), what often happens is that these people find themselves on their own.  Maybe their partners have passed on, and their children are living far away and they find it difficult to get out of the house.  Here and there they may have a few visitors, but generally it can be an isolating experience.  One thing a kind neighbor can do to alleviate some of this difficulty, is order them a subscription to the National Magazine Exchange.  To receive something fun in the mail once a month – while not the same as going out and socializing – can be something to which they can look forward.  Check out the different titles that would be appropriate for your neighbor – from knitting to gardening; gossip to cooking and everything else in between.

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