Black Belt Magazine

black-beltAlways wanted to get started with martial arts but never found the right time or opportunity?  Love watching your kids do judo and want to help them improve?  Black Belt magazine from the National Publishers Exchange is a great way to start.  Learn new tips; find out what is going on in the world of martial arts today and see what easy moves can be learned at home without too much instruction.  Indeed, Black Belt magazine offers news from gurus like Kenpo Kara Master Jeff Speakman; Bob Wall; Tonfa Blocks and more.  Even if you’re not going to actually learn them yourself, read about techniques from Master Remy Presas on modern-arnis.  Check out the videos (through the magazine’s online version) which explain – step-by-step – techniques, self-defense training, mixed martial arts training, fitness, history, philosophy, weapons and more.  See how people use fighting sticks, and enjoy the thrill of Bruce Lee movies, etc.  There is so much each month offered at Black Belt magazine.

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