Boating Magazine

boatAlways dreamed of a hobby involving boats?  Find yourself looking forward to retirement to take up boating?  Or perhaps you have had a boat for years and want to stay in the know about advancements in the field.  Whatever reason you have for your boating interest, the Boating magazine offered by the National Magazine Exchange and the National Publishers Exchange is a must-read.  Check out the amazing offers through these clearing houses and sign up for a subscription.

With the magazine you will find information on all types of boats, gear, maintenance, boat engines etc.  Articles in February’s edition include: For Comparison’s Sake: Chamois; Protecting Aluminum Boats from Salt Water Corrosion; Boating Lab Tests: Fuel Stabilizers; When Should You Buy a Bigger Boat; Whale of an Encounter; Top 10 Motors at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show; Boating Adventures Await in South Florida, etc.  The magazine also includes message boards, contests (such as 10 Best Places to Live and Boat); Boating Marketplace and more.

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