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Get Tips on Parenthood with National Magazine Exchange

It’s true that there’s the Internet.  And there are books too.  But it’s often even more enjoyable and informative to read first hand – in a magazine subscription from National Magazine Exchange – how other first time parents are coping.  Look at their baby pictures; see what milestones their newborns are reaching and enjoy the camaraderie of starting this whole new chapter in your life.
It’s always a great way to escape when you have a magazine subscription from the National Magazine Exchange.  And the beauty of this company is that as your baby grows up, you can switch your subscription (even in the middle of the year) to something more suitable, no questions asked.  So check out the different options available and sign up today!

Education Begins at Home

The start of the new school year provides a new opportunity for parents to help their children to succeed in their new grade levels. One key to empowering your child’s academic success is to internalize in your home the concept that education does not end when the school day is over.

Educational experts advise that parents create a seamless learning environment that encompasses both school and home. This means setting aside a specific place in your home and time in your child’s after-school schedule for both homework and non-school related learning activities.  Stock one room in your home with interesting books and magazines, such as the kids’ publications available from the National Magazine Exchange.  Plan to sit together with your kids every afternoon, reading together and discussing new questions and ideas as they arise. These are the kind of parent-child activities that will help your kids improve their reading and learning skills and succeed in the new school year.