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Nighttime Story-Time with the NME

Getting your kids into a good bedtime routine is crucial – for you and for them.  But sometimes it can be hard to do if they are already in a bad routine.  One way of changing such bad habits though, is to entice them with something fun – like reading to them.  There are a lot of magazine options available through a subscription with the National Magazine Exchange which are very age-appropriate for both boys and girls.  Every night you can sit with your child – with either a book or a story from a magazine/comic – and get them relaxed as you read quietly to them.  Make sure they are already in their PJs and have gotten ready for bed (wash, teeth brushed, etc.) and then start the reading process.  It also makes a nice bonding moment for parent and child.

The National Magazine Exchange really offers a lot of variety – not just for adults – so start checking out the titles that may be good for your kids.  If your (older) son is crazy about cars, go for the motor magazines.  Perhaps you have a daughter who thinks of nothing else but fashion, so look into those titles.  But let your kids enjoy a magazine – they’ll thank you for it and you’ll be happy that they’re going to bed nicely!  This can also work for teenage kids – you can give them their magazine once they are settled in bed for the night.

Teenage Troubles? Take Out a National Magazine Exchange Subscription

Every teenager goes through something.  It’s just par for the course. It’s often especially tough on parents and indeed other siblings trying to live with the troubled teen.  So what is one to do during this challenging time? How can you – as a responsible parent – make it better for your teen going through this transition?  Strange as it may sound, taking out a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange may actually be one way of you taking a step forward.
First, you can use your National Magazine Exchange subscription to learn about new ways of how to handle difficult teenagers, from articles written by experts in the field dealing with this kind of problem.  Second, you can order your teenage a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange on a subject of interest to them. By doing something  nice without being asked – from an oft-moody, difficult-to-live-with teen – you  might just get some brownie points and have a nicer teen at home, at least temporarily.
Magazines are such easy feel good ways of bringing harmony into a home.  It’s not a guaranteed solution to teenage troubles of course, but it might just be a nice initial stepping stone.

Thanksgiving Crafts from NME

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For families with children, this is a time to get them into the holiday spirit, and the best way to do that is with “hands-on” activities that relate to the holiday at hand. Junior crafts magazines, like those available from the National Magazine Exchange, will offer your kids numerous ways – from pipe cleaner turkeys to finger puppet Pilgrims to teepee centerpieces – to create a memorable Thanksgiving. Using simple, common materials like pinecones, foam, paper, and fabric, you and your children can spend quality time together making decorations and gifts that will be enjoyed throughout Thanksgiving weekend and beyond.

Winter Activity Ideas for Mothers

Winter is approaching, bringing with it cold, dark, wet days for you and your children. The season can definitely cause crankiness in the morning and after your children come home from school. The lack of outdoor activities and sun light can really affect your children’s moods.

As a mother, it can be hard to think of ways to keep your children happy and entertained during these months. A subscription to a magazine may be the best solution to your problem! The National Magazine Exchange is one of many companies who provide a vast range of magazines. You might want to look into a magazine with ideas for winter activities for children, or a general arts and crafts magazine for them to look at and try throughout the week. There are also magazines with cooking recipes and ideas for the winter season. For example, making muffin batter at night and baking muffins for your children before school in the morning could really change the attitude of the entire day.

Education Begins at Home

The start of the new school year provides a new opportunity for parents to help their children to succeed in their new grade levels. One key to empowering your child’s academic success is to internalize in your home the concept that education does not end when the school day is over.

Educational experts advise that parents create a seamless learning environment that encompasses both school and home. This means setting aside a specific place in your home and time in your child’s after-school schedule for both homework and non-school related learning activities.  Stock one room in your home with interesting books and magazines, such as the kids’ publications available from the National Magazine Exchange.  Plan to sit together with your kids every afternoon, reading together and discussing new questions and ideas as they arise. These are the kind of parent-child activities that will help your kids improve their reading and learning skills and succeed in the new school year.

Arts and Crafts with the National Magazine Exchange

With the school year underway, it’s time to think about great afternoon activities with the kids.  One great way to pass the time is to explore the beautiful changing weather and to center art projects around these changes.  For instance, you can have kids collect leaves and press them into frames and pictures.  You can make adorable snowmen art projects with cotton balls and googly eyes.

There are a few of the many ideas that you can learn about by buying an arts and crafts book or by enjoying a subscription to an art magazine from National Magazine Exchange.  The benefit of purchasing a magazine subscription with NME or with another similar company is that you’ll enjoy new ideas each month that you can share with your kids and enjoy together!

NME: Changing with Your Tastes

It’s often difficult to know what to get for a child for his birthday or for a major event like a confirmation or a bar mitzvah.  What does the kid need?  One great idea is to offer him a magazine subscription.  This is a gift that keeps on giving, since every month they’ll receive the magazine and remember that you gave it to them for their big event.

And – what’s even better is that with a company like National Magazine Exchange, you can offer this gift knowing that they can change their subscription as their needs change.  For instance, if you’ve ordered a karate magazine for the 13 year old birthday boy, and next year he grows tired of karate, he can switch the gift for a subscription to a car magazine or to another topic.

NME Promotes Literacy

Promote literacy, one child at a time, by buying children you love magazine subscriptions.  This is an amazing way to promote literacy in the home.  When you look at a registry, like the National Magazine Exchange, you’ll see hundreds of magazine options.  Children love the idea of having a magazine that is delivered directly to their door and that is entirely theirs. It makes them feel special and older than they are – and it makes them feel like the grown ups that they see in their house.

You can surprise a child with a magazine subscription, or get them involved in the process and let them select the magazine of their choice from the NME. Either way – you’ll have a kid who is excited to read and who equates reading with fun and enjoyment. And that, really, is priceless!