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Next: Online Subscriptions

The next big thing is here in the world of print media – the transition to online media.  More and more magazines are offering online subscriptions in lieu of the traditional print versions.  This saves production money, lowering the cost of a subscription, and also helps save the environment, producing less paper products.  These subscriptions can be hosted on all mobile, and tablet products helping you save space as you travel, and in your home.  Major magazines already offering subscriptions include, Jetsetter, Car and Driver, Automobile, US Weekly, Star, National Geographic, OK, Newsweek, Readers Digest and more!

Bowhunt America

bowhuntingFor serious bowhunters, Bowhunt America is the magazine of choice.  Offered at a greatly reduced rate through a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange, Bowhunt America provides simple solutions to your bowhunting problems.  It offers tactics for the bowhunter; bowhunting equipment and more and has been praised for many of its features, reports and spotlights.  It also contains clear-cut treatment of workable bowhunting techniques as well as exciting bowhunting stories. It comes to the reader in bright, colorful pages that are professionally designed and very readable.  Bowhunters can enjoy this magazine 6 times a year.


Art lovers will enjoy the news, opinions, criticisms and more that make regular contributions in ARTnews.  Being “the most widely read art magazine in the world,” ARTnews was established in 1902, rendering it the world’s “oldest and most widely circulated art magazine.” It boasts a circulation of 180,000 spanning 123 countries and can be yours via a monthly subscription with the National Magazine Exchange.  It is popular amongst artists, collectors, curators and the lay individual and comes out 11 times a year.

The magazine seeks to offer its readership “a lively, provocative, and visually stimulating package that informs as well as entertains with news dispatches from a worldwide network of correspondents, hard-hitting investigative reports, criticism, and opinion.”

Architectural Digest

architectureEver wanted to design your own home?  Dreamed of becoming a designer for a friend or taking it up as a profession?  The National Magazine Exchange offers a great price on a subscription to Architectural Digest.  Indeed this magazine is today viewed as the global authority on design, with work from top architects and designers.  It also offers readers the best tips on culture, shopping, style and travel.

In the January 2013 issue of Architectural Digest for example, sessions covered include: Elevated Luxury (a look at spectacular mountainside chalets for sale); Chef’s Whites (Ivory kitchens, giving great inspiration); Breaking the Mold (Vicente Wolf setting up phenomenal juxtapositions of contemporary art and furnishings in a Manhattan pre-war apartment); Historic Charm (a look at the stunning new boutique hotel Casa San Agustín in Cartagena) and more.

Each month there’s something different, but ultimately something for everyone who’s ever held any interest in design.

Who Wants to be an American Cowboy?

US-CowboyAlways dreamed of being a cowboy?  Or perhaps just dressing like one?  Make that dream a bit of a reality, or at least vicariously through its reality by signing up for a National Magazine Exchange subscription to American Cowboy.  Find out about the top 101 Western gatherings; horse shows; concerts and more.  Read reviews on horse trainers; learn about the best places to take a hideaway vacations; find out where to learn ranch skills and explore the Yellowstone National Park’s wild side on a guided pack trip.  The magazine is packed with so many fun ideas, news, tips and more for anyone who has ever dreamed of living the cowboy life.

Recovering from the Holiday Season

Christmas-timeChristmas and New Year celebrations are always a potentially fun time away from the humdrum of everyday life.  But what can also happen is that people get so off schedule, they eat way more than their bodies are accustomed to and do not get any exercise.  This can leave one feeling quite out of sorts.  To avoid such difficulties, set up a plan and stick with it.  Magazines from the National Magazine Exchange at this time of year, often contain articles on coping with the holiday season.  Follow these tips.  They are tried and tested and not too difficult to implement.  They can make a world of difference to how you say goodbye to 2012 and greet 2013.  Try it; try to have a great end to this year and a positive, relaxed and healthy start to next.

Magazines on a Budget

Feel like you need to cut down on your expenses?  Don’t want to totally get rid of your entertainment budget?  One way to do this is by engaging in more activities at home, and going out less. This does not mean you have to stop all the fun.  Check out the different titles available through the National Magazine Exchange and sign up for an inexpensive subscription.  Through this you can either just sit in the comfort of your own home and escape through the pages of a glossy, or, use the magazine to get ideas on how to do fun but cheap things without leaving the house.  Either way it’s a win-win!

Preventive Treatment Ideas

Although a lot has to do with genetics and environment, there are plenty of steps one can take to guard against serious diseases such as cancer, heart failure and diabetes.  Often, magazines can be a great way of finding out new ideas.  They do not have to be difficult and sometimes they can even be fun. It’s all about creating an awareness.  The National Magazine Exchange has a whole range of titles that are geared toward health maintenance and disease prevention.  To become more educated and get the latest on foods with high levels of antioxidants, check out the different titles and take out a subscription.  For a little bit of money one could end up saving a life or improving its quality.

Learn Healthy Cooking Tips

For those who want to pick up some tasty, nutritious recipe tips, sometimes the best way to do it is through a magazine subscription.  The National Magazine Exchange offers some fabulous magazines on healthy eating, fun recipe ideas and how to stay on track on a new diet.  As well, there are many real life stories on how others have succeeded in what can often be a daunting task – losing weight and thereafter keeping it off.

So for weight loss in a fun, interesting and motivating way, find a magazine to keep yourself inspired.

If Mohammed Won’t Come to the Mountain…

Ever wanted to visit Africa but just didn’t have the money?  Did you dream about the freedom of abseiling but were too afraid to try it?  Did you grow up wondering how life was for a cheerleader but were never asked to join the team?  Now is your chance to “do” all these things through the glossy pages of a magazine.  There is so much excitement and adventure in the world, that we are often unable to experience; enjoying it through a magazine is one way of finally fulfilling one’s dreams from the comfort of one’s own home.  And who knows? Maybe that will lead to actually doing one of these activities sometime down the line.