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Valentine’s Day Gifts

v dayValentine’s Day is just around the corner – and it’s time to come up with some ideas fast!  Here, we offer three great ideas that are bound to please her on this special day.

1. A Night Out – Go out to a great restaurant and either to a movie or a play.  Even just a restaurant by itself can be a lovely way to spend the night.  Try to get a reservation so that you don’t end up not having anywhere to eat – and get ready to enjoy.

2. A Magazine Subscription – She’ll love knowing that you’ve given her a gift, like a National Magazine Exchange magazine, that will keep arriving every month.  Select a magazine from the huge range of magazine topics available at NME or another similar location, and set her on a path to reading and relaxation.

3. A House-free Week – If you are already married or living together, offer her a coupon for an entirely free week of housework.  Now, obviously, if she doesn’t do the housework already, this gift won’t work.  Assuming she is in charge of certain chores, offer her the chance to kick up her heels and relax for a bit.

Everyone’s on a Diet

deitToday, it seems that everyone is on a diet.  Some fad diets argue that you should avoid carbs while others say that you should avoid sugars.  Everyone has an opinion and a view.  To get in the game, and to figure out for yourself what diet is best, subscribe to a diet magazine.  Many of these magazines, including ones from National Magazine Exchange, will offer you great dieting tips, and they’ll also provide inspirational stories from those who have lost.

National Magazine Exchange, and many other companies, provides readers with the chance to “weigh” various diets against each other and to decide what is best for you.  You’ll also find recipes, tips and other great offerings that just might help you to shed those pounds!  Get in the diet game the smart way – with a magazine subscription.

Get Cooking

Sometimes, we all get into a cooking funk. It’s so hard to come up with creative ideas every single day for what to cook that night.  Whether you’re cooking for one, or you have a house full of kids you need to feed, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from having some new cooking ideas.  Here are a few suggestions for finding great new recipes.

  1. Friends! Ask others for their five favorite recipes and swap ideas.
  2. Magazines – Enjoy a magazine subscription from the National Magazine Exchange or another similar source.  You’ll find loads of ideas each month that will keep you cooking creatively for ages.
  3. Cooking Channel – Turn the t.v. on and see what you find on the many cooking channels that are available for your enjoyment.

More Magazine Recycling Ideas

Certainly, you’ve enjoyed reading your magazines.  When you finish them, however, the question becomes what to do next.  Whether you’ve received your magazines from the newsstand, from the National Magazine Exchange, or from another location, you don’t want to just throw them out.  This is both bad for the environment, and a shame when you can use them in so many ways.  Here, we offer some quick tips for recycling magazines.

  1. Pass them along to friends.  You can ask friends and neighbors who enjoy the same hobbies and topics that you love if they want to read some great magazines.
  2. Donate them to your child’s school. Whether they use them for practicing reading or for art projects, the magazines will go to great use!
  3. Donate health and fitness magazines to your doctor’s office.  Make sure to tear off your address from each magazine before donating them.  Offer fashion and hair magazines to your hair salon.
  4. Have fun at home with your National Magazine Exchange magazines by using them for gift wrapping, for art projects, and for collages.

Creative Recycling Ideas

recyclingIn this eco-friendly age, it’s simply a shame to see good magazines going into the trash. Sure, you can put your old magazines in the recycling bin, but even this seems like a waste of beautiful layouts, great print and more. So, what are you to do with all of those magazines from National Magazine Exchange and other sources that you read and loved?

Here’s one creative idea – gift wrapping paper! Rather than spending money on gift wrapping paper, use the resources that you already have in front of you. Find a page from one of your National Magazine Exchange magazines that includes lovely colors and pretty pictures – and use it to wrap your next gift. Use a ribbon of a matching color and you’ve got a beautifully wrapped gift – and a gift for the environment. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Customer Service Priority at NME

National Magazine Exchange has a history and long experience selling magazines through direct marketing. Because of their extensive relationships with major magazine publishers NME is able to offer a great variety and assortment of the very best magazines to their customers.

Today NME is experiencing great expansion and development of its business, and the expectation is for this growth to continue into the near and long term future. As NME grows customer service will continue to improve, develop and become more efficient, offering the very best possible service to their loyal customers, who are appreciated and catered to.