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Boating Magazine

boatAlways dreamed of a hobby involving boats?  Find yourself looking forward to retirement to take up boating?  Or perhaps you have had a boat for years and want to stay in the know about advancements in the field.  Whatever reason you have for your boating interest, the Boating magazine offered by the National Magazine Exchange and the National Publishers Exchange is a must-read.  Check out the amazing offers through these clearing houses and sign up for a subscription.

With the magazine you will find information on all types of boats, gear, maintenance, boat engines etc.  Articles in February’s edition include: For Comparison’s Sake: Chamois; Protecting Aluminum Boats from Salt Water Corrosion; Boating Lab Tests: Fuel Stabilizers; When Should You Buy a Bigger Boat; Whale of an Encounter; Top 10 Motors at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show; Boating Adventures Await in South Florida, etc.  The magazine also includes message boards, contests (such as 10 Best Places to Live and Boat); Boating Marketplace and more.

Black Belt Magazine

black-beltAlways wanted to get started with martial arts but never found the right time or opportunity?  Love watching your kids do judo and want to help them improve?  Black Belt magazine from the National Publishers Exchange is a great way to start.  Learn new tips; find out what is going on in the world of martial arts today and see what easy moves can be learned at home without too much instruction.  Indeed, Black Belt magazine offers news from gurus like Kenpo Kara Master Jeff Speakman; Bob Wall; Tonfa Blocks and more.  Even if you’re not going to actually learn them yourself, read about techniques from Master Remy Presas on modern-arnis.  Check out the videos (through the magazine’s online version) which explain – step-by-step – techniques, self-defense training, mixed martial arts training, fitness, history, philosophy, weapons and more.  See how people use fighting sticks, and enjoy the thrill of Bruce Lee movies, etc.  There is so much each month offered at Black Belt magazine.

Automobile Magazine

automobileLove cars?  Always dreamed of driving something sportier and cooler than what you currently drive?  Can’t afford a high-end vehicle but still dream of owning one someday anyway?  Then Automobile Magazine is for you.  By taking out a subscription through the National Magazine Exchange, this can be yours for a relatively inexpensive price as well.

And for those who can afford it, Automobile Magazine gives you the latest on new cars; providing detailed car reviews, pictures, videos and the latest concept cars from auto shows around the world.  Basically it’s everything one needs or wants to know about any type of automobile.

Magazines for Seniors

old-peopleNo matter what stage one is at in life, there are issues.  From babies to the elderly; teens to first-time job-seekers – all groups have different trials.  It is thus advisable to share these challenges and seek out assistance from others going through the same thing.  The National Publishers Exchange offers different titles for different groups.  Seniors have specific mental and physical health issues that their younger counterparts do not yet face. Check them out to see if there are helpful ways of leading a more inspiring, more healthful and easier life.  Just because one hits 60 or 70, it does not mean their life has to be less fulfilling and more challenging.  If one just gets the correct advice from others who have gone through the same difficulties, it can change their life for good!

Top Tips on Finances

Always confused about your finances?  Stuck on how to begin making a budget?  Are you clueless on how to teach your children about the value of money?  Consider getting a magazine subscription.  A monthly magazine delivered to your door can be a stimulating way to learn about finances.  Magazines are often filled with great – and, more importantly – easy-to-implement ideas on how to make fiscal worries a thing of the past.  What so often happens is, one gets overwhelmed by their finances, things get left and then they find themselves in a much more problematic state.  Taking care of one’s finances from the get-go is thus the smart way to keep them in control; and magazines can often offer tips on how to do this easily.

Keeping Calm over the Holidays

While the holidays are always very exciting, with that, can also come a significant amount of stress.  There is a lot of preparation for Thanksgiving – the shopping, cooking, organizing – and even more so for those who are hosting overnight guests.  So the trick is, to try to enjoy it and, at the same time, learn coping skills for the added stress that invariably accompanies these festive occasions. There are a lot of magazines out there, many which are specifically geared toward developing a calmer persona. So why not treat yourself to a really happy and calm Thanksgiving this year?  Rather than getting stressed, learn relaxation methods to deal with challenging situations, and then you’ll surely enjoy the day and everything that accompanies it, much more than in the past.  Let stress become a thing of yesteryear – focus on a new stress-free you.

Becoming More Efficient

There are so many ways one can save money and be more efficient: around the house, in the office, or in fact anywhere.  Sometimes, the best way to get regular tips at one’s fingertips is through the pages of a glossy magazine.  Companies such as the National Magazine Exchange have a whole slew of different titles that can provide suggestions in a fun, colorful and enjoyable way.  It’s amazing how much money one can save by incorporating just a few easy tips.  The more money one saves and more efficient one becomes, the better their quality of life will be!

Learning New Skills

It’s always good to keep learning new skills.  First of all, the more knowledge one has in different areas, the less they have to call (and pay) on others to help them.  Getting a magazine subscription to DIY, home-making, cake decorating, gardening or any other skill-based subject, is not only useful, but also a brain stimulant and fun!  Check out the different titles available through the National Magazine Exchange and make your order today.

A Perfect Gift for the Elderly

With the baby boom generation, the population is increasingly aging and there are many more elderly than was the case some years ago.  While this is good news on the one hand (that people are living longer), what often happens is that these people find themselves on their own.  Maybe their partners have passed on, and their children are living far away and they find it difficult to get out of the house.  Here and there they may have a few visitors, but generally it can be an isolating experience.  One thing a kind neighbor can do to alleviate some of this difficulty, is order them a subscription to the National Magazine Exchange.  To receive something fun in the mail once a month – while not the same as going out and socializing – can be something to which they can look forward.  Check out the different titles that would be appropriate for your neighbor – from knitting to gardening; gossip to cooking and everything else in between.

Modern Living for Women

One way of re-designing one’s home and style, is by getting tips from a monthly National Magazine Exchange subscription.  Find new ideas each month and start to develop a new style.  See what other people are doing to improve their quality of life.  If healthy, nutritious eating is important to you, figure out how best to implement this into your life, for yourself and your family.

There is always room for improvement.  No matter how great things are, there are so many new ideas out there that can be implemented to make things even better.  Even if one has no idea what changes they want to make, a monthly magazine subscription will provide great ideas.