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The next big thing is here in the world of print media – the transition to online media.  More and more magazines are offering online subscriptions in lieu of the traditional print versions.  This saves production money, lowering the cost of a subscription, and also helps save the environment, producing less paper products.  These subscriptions can be hosted on all mobile, and tablet products helping you save space as you travel, and in your home.  Major magazines already offering subscriptions include, Jetsetter, Car and Driver, Automobile, US Weekly, Star, National Geographic, OK, Newsweek, Readers Digest and more!

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Latest News from National Magazine Exchange

News from National Magazine Exchange

We all try as best as we can to stay informed about the world around us. We listen to the radio, read newspapers, go on-line for the latest information, and watch the news on television, but sometimes it is just not enough. National Magazine Exchange offers magazines which report the story behind the news. Experts on current events, whether of a national, international or economic nature explain in a more in-depth way the events we encounter only briefly on the news or in the paper.

Staying informed is not just a civil-right of every citizen, but in a democratic society it is an obligation of each person to know about the world around him. Based on what he knows about his world, a citizen in a democracy can make an informed choice when he votes, when he makes his purchases, or just about any other decisions which affect his world.  With National Magazine Exchange on hand, choosing the right magazine to keep informed is easy, and the first step to becoming a good and responsible citizen.

U.S. Army National Guard Launches Free New “Hooah!” Magazine Aimed at Youth
New Magazine Hopes to Expand Army’s Influence Among Young People in America

Reprinted from Associate Content National Magazine Exchange As part of ongoing efforts to tap into the youth demographic in the United States and potentially reach new recruits, the U.S. Army National Guard has put together a new magazine named “Hooah!.”

The magazine is sent directly to households with prospective recruits and is plastered with ads and the “1-800-GO-GUARD.com” Web site. The magazine is free of charge and features interviews with heroic figures
like NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and singer Taylor Swift as well as workout tips and stories of inspiration from members of the U.S. Army.

“Hooah!” is a popular Army exclamation that is used when troops are out on a mission or in training. The sub-headline for the magazine is “Your Life, No Limits,” describing the type of content that is found within the magazine.

The mission statement of the magazine is as follows: “To celebrate and support America’s youth. To recgonize their many achievements and contributions to the American way of life. To offer an opportunity for discovery and learning, and to provide an open conversation about education, careers and the many choices facing today’s young adult.”

Subscriptions to “Hooah!” are free and can be obtained by going to 1-800-GO-GUARD.com/hooah.

The project is another way the Army is trying to capture the trust and the admiration of America’s youth. They have been advertising heavily in recent years due to low enrollment numbers and looking for new ways to try and get young people involved with the Army. The magazine features several of the Army National Guard’s own ads boasting different packages for students that give them money in exchange for service so they can go to college.