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Valentine’s Day Gifts

v dayValentine’s Day is just around the corner – and it’s time to come up with some ideas fast!  Here, we offer three great ideas that are bound to please her on this special day.

1. A Night Out – Go out to a great restaurant and either to a movie or a play.  Even just a restaurant by itself can be a lovely way to spend the night.  Try to get a reservation so that you don’t end up not having anywhere to eat – and get ready to enjoy.

2. A Magazine Subscription – She’ll love knowing that you’ve given her a gift, like a National Magazine Exchange magazine, that will keep arriving every month.  Select a magazine from the huge range of magazine topics available at NME or another similar location, and set her on a path to reading and relaxation.

3. A House-free Week – If you are already married or living together, offer her a coupon for an entirely free week of housework.  Now, obviously, if she doesn’t do the housework already, this gift won’t work.  Assuming she is in charge of certain chores, offer her the chance to kick up her heels and relax for a bit.