Meet NPE

The National Publishers Exchange is a clearinghouse for high quality, popular magazines.  It boasts a state-of-the-art data processing system and an in-house programming staff to ensure that customers get the subscriptions they’ve requested in a timely fashion.  Publishers are provided with a menu-driven approach to subscription production.  They can choose from: direct mail; direct sales; trade/public space; student/educator; or telemarketing and always receive the required volume.

In addition, the National Publishers gives its publishers authentic volume projections and reports.  All fields are cleared separately, ensuring publishers are given time-sensitive field-specific reporting of generated subscriptions. The company has a quality control system with a 15 point checklist that affirms and authenticates each other for incoming and outgoing titles.  The National Publishers Exchange also offers its agents modem and magnetic media clearing. This means subscribers get their magazines much quicker, which leads to more satisfied publishers and subscribers. The National Publishers Exchange also offers exceptional customer service through its rigorous employee training program.