More Magazine Recycling Ideas

Certainly, you’ve enjoyed reading your magazines.  When you finish them, however, the question becomes what to do next.  Whether you’ve received your magazines from the newsstand, from the National Magazine Exchange, or from another location, you don’t want to just throw them out.  This is both bad for the environment, and a shame when you can use them in so many ways.  Here, we offer some quick tips for recycling magazines.

  1. Pass them along to friends.  You can ask friends and neighbors who enjoy the same hobbies and topics that you love if they want to read some great magazines.
  2. Donate them to your child’s school. Whether they use them for practicing reading or for art projects, the magazines will go to great use!
  3. Donate health and fitness magazines to your doctor’s office.  Make sure to tear off your address from each magazine before donating them.  Offer fashion and hair magazines to your hair salon.
  4. Have fun at home with your National Magazine Exchange magazines by using them for gift wrapping, for art projects, and for collages.

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