National Magazine Exchange Teaching College Kids

Many college kids are in for quite a shock when they first head out on their own.  They will have to learn to do laundry for the first time (for some of them), will have to shop for groceries, make their own food, follow and budget and more.  All of these issues can be quite overwhelming for the typical 18 or 19 year old.

One way to arm a child with some of these skills is to offer a magazine subscription from National Magazine Exchange.  Many of their magazine selections can help students to ease into living independently.  For instance, a food and cooking magazine will offer easy starter recipes and suggestions for cooking on a budget.  A home and garden magazine will deal with budgeting issues, laundry tips and more.

Offering reading materials and suggestions for your favorite college kid can help to ease the transition – without looking like you are lecturing or bothering this newly independent child.  Definitely a win-win situation for the parent and the child who is testing his wings!

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