Nighttime Story-Time with the NME

Getting your kids into a good bedtime routine is crucial – for you and for them.  But sometimes it can be hard to do if they are already in a bad routine.  One way of changing such bad habits though, is to entice them with something fun – like reading to them.  There are a lot of magazine options available through a subscription with the National Magazine Exchange which are very age-appropriate for both boys and girls.  Every night you can sit with your child – with either a book or a story from a magazine/comic – and get them relaxed as you read quietly to them.  Make sure they are already in their PJs and have gotten ready for bed (wash, teeth brushed, etc.) and then start the reading process.  It also makes a nice bonding moment for parent and child.

The National Magazine Exchange really offers a lot of variety – not just for adults – so start checking out the titles that may be good for your kids.  If your (older) son is crazy about cars, go for the motor magazines.  Perhaps you have a daughter who thinks of nothing else but fashion, so look into those titles.  But let your kids enjoy a magazine – they’ll thank you for it and you’ll be happy that they’re going to bed nicely!  This can also work for teenage kids – you can give them their magazine once they are settled in bed for the night.

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