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A Perfect Gift for the Elderly

With the baby boom generation, the population is increasingly aging and there are many more elderly than was the case some years ago.  While this is good news on the one hand (that people are living longer), what often happens is that these people find themselves on their own.  Maybe their partners have passed on, and their children are living far away and they find it difficult to get out of the house.  Here and there they may have a few visitors, but generally it can be an isolating experience.  One thing a kind neighbor can do to alleviate some of this difficulty, is order them a subscription to the National Magazine Exchange.  To receive something fun in the mail once a month – while not the same as going out and socializing – can be something to which they can look forward.  Check out the different titles that would be appropriate for your neighbor – from knitting to gardening; gossip to cooking and everything else in between.

Preventive Treatment Ideas

Although a lot has to do with genetics and environment, there are plenty of steps one can take to guard against serious diseases such as cancer, heart failure and diabetes.  Often, magazines can be a great way of finding out new ideas.  They do not have to be difficult and sometimes they can even be fun. It’s all about creating an awareness.  The National Magazine Exchange has a whole range of titles that are geared toward health maintenance and disease prevention.  To become more educated and get the latest on foods with high levels of antioxidants, check out the different titles and take out a subscription.  For a little bit of money one could end up saving a life or improving its quality.

Learn Healthy Cooking Tips

For those who want to pick up some tasty, nutritious recipe tips, sometimes the best way to do it is through a magazine subscription.  The National Magazine Exchange offers some fabulous magazines on healthy eating, fun recipe ideas and how to stay on track on a new diet.  As well, there are many real life stories on how others have succeeded in what can often be a daunting task – losing weight and thereafter keeping it off.

So for weight loss in a fun, interesting and motivating way, find a magazine to keep yourself inspired.

Becoming Environmentally-Friendlier

Our planet is precious and it deserves to be treated as such.  So often, people are simply unaware of how easy it is to protect and save the environment.  Sign up for a magazine from the National Magazine Exchange to learn about global warming; climactic changes; microbes from the dinosaur age; fungi and the creation of the Amazonian clouds and so much more.

Learn ways to help the environment, for yourself and future generations: as an individual, family, community and classroom.  There is always something to do and getting kids involved can be a healthy, enjoyable and educational experience.  So sign up today and go green tomorrow.

Travel Fun

Planning a once-in-a-lifetime vacation?  Looking to at least start considering what to do when the kids are grown up and it’s just the two of you again?  Why not take time to do this in a leisurely way by getting a monthly magazine subscription from the National Magazine Exchange?  Part of the fun of travel is the preparation and excitement beforehand.  Plus, with a magazine, one can read (and see pictures) on a whole slew of possible travel destinations.  One should also consider how they want to travel – by land, sea, or air – and maybe even include a whole lot of different travel options, to make the vacation that much more interesting.


Modern Living for Women

One way of re-designing one’s home and style, is by getting tips from a monthly National Magazine Exchange subscription.  Find new ideas each month and start to develop a new style.  See what other people are doing to improve their quality of life.  If healthy, nutritious eating is important to you, figure out how best to implement this into your life, for yourself and your family.

There is always room for improvement.  No matter how great things are, there are so many new ideas out there that can be implemented to make things even better.  Even if one has no idea what changes they want to make, a monthly magazine subscription will provide great ideas.

If Mohammed Won’t Come to the Mountain…

Ever wanted to visit Africa but just didn’t have the money?  Did you dream about the freedom of abseiling but were too afraid to try it?  Did you grow up wondering how life was for a cheerleader but were never asked to join the team?  Now is your chance to “do” all these things through the glossy pages of a magazine.  There is so much excitement and adventure in the world, that we are often unable to experience; enjoying it through a magazine is one way of finally fulfilling one’s dreams from the comfort of one’s own home.  And who knows? Maybe that will lead to actually doing one of these activities sometime down the line.

Men and Hobbies

It’s not true that hobbies are just for children and women. There is often a stigma attached to men developing hobbies, but there are indeed a variety of “manly” outlets available that could appeal to the most masculine of the male species.  How about going back in time and seeing how men used to spend their leisure time?  There was a lot more to life then than just the Internet.  Indeed, the game of chess dates back to the 18th century, as Benjamin Franklin declared in his essay ‘The Morals of Chess’ that playing the game created “valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, [that] are to be acquired or strengthened by it, so as to become habits, ready for all occasions.” As well, it is an incredible discipline and while playing it, men can: enhance their concentration; fine tune their critical thinking and further develop their problem-solving skills.  For this and other hobby ideas for men, check out the different subscription titles available through the National Magazine Exchange.

Using New Vegetables

It can often feel like a chore to constantly come up with new ideas to use healthy, nutritious foods in the kitchen, especially for those trying to change their lifestyle and lose weight.  One way of getting new ideas – both easily and enjoyably – is through a magazine subscription.  Each month a magazine will be delivered to your door – at a bargain price – with new and exciting ideas on how to make your kitchen pantry entrants healthier and your meals more nutritious.  Find out how others deal with the challenge of becoming healthier; what dishes do they make for their kids that they will actually eat?  How does one encourage the younger generation to make health and nutrition a priority?  Making it fun definitely makes a difference and getting easy-to-implement ideas results in one wondering why they didn’t start the healthy eating process years ago!  So give it a try; learn about new ways to make your family healthier.

Raising Well-Adjusted Children

It’s not always easy to know when to rebuke a child and when to let things go.  Thankfully, parents and their offspring have been dealing with this issue for many years, and, throughout history, have developed easier ways of confronting the situation.  There are a  variety of magazine titles to help one become the parent they want to be.  Filled with easy tips, commonsense advice and stories from other mothers and fathers, these can be helpful as well as comforting.  At the end of the day, parenting shouldn’t be so daunting or too overwhelming – it should be a fun, growth experience for both parent and child.  Picking up easy tips is a great start in this process.