Summer Salad Sensation

Ever wondered what it would be like to pair a mango with an avocado, throw in some nuts, pomegranate seeds and lettuce and create a tangy dressing?  Trying to find a delicious way to make quinoa?  Sick and tired of your diet plate looking like rabbit food?  It’s time to sign up for a subscription with the National Publishers Exchange and get a monthly magazine offering all sorts of different salad suggestions.

With just a bit of imagination – and advice from your National Publishers Exchange magazines – you can turn boring diet food into creative, cool salads and lose weight over the summer with ease.  Rather than dread your meals, you’ll come to look forward to them as you toss your sliced apples in with your walnuts, throwing in some celery and corn, or discover a healthy, low-fat alternative to your traditionally-fattening thousand island dressing.

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