Tackling Reading Issues with National Magazine Exchange

Certainly, some reading issues are severe and require outside intervention.  If, however, your child simply doesn’t love to read, or he resists your attempts to make him read a novel, here are some handy suggestions.  Rather than fighting with a child about reading, there are great ways to encourage a love of words in other ways.

  1. Poetry: Some kids enjoy poetry, even though they don’t want to sit and read a whole book.  Perhaps their attention span isn’t great, but they can certainly sit and enjoy three Shel Silverstein poems!
  2. Magazine Subscriptions: Magazines don’t require the time commitment that books entail, and they offer children more choices and more freedoms.  Look into getting a magazine subscription to National Magazine Exchange or a similar source.  Let your child pick the magazine topic and the type of magazine that will interest him.  A gift of this sort from NME keeps on giving each month, and kids love feeling special with their own National Magazine Exchange subscriptions.
  3. Comics:  Certainly, we all want our children reading great books and literature.  But, to turn them on to reading, it’s sometimes necessary to start with creative sources.  Comic books will engage and entertain children and they serve as a great way in to a love of reading!

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