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Magazines on a Budget

Feel like you need to cut down on your expenses?  Don’t want to totally get rid of your entertainment budget?  One way to do this is by engaging in more activities at home, and going out less. This does not mean you have to stop all the fun.  Check out the different titles available through […]

Time for a Change? Time for the NME

When you feel you need a change but do not necessarily have the financial resources for it – especially in today’s economy – it might be time to think about getting a subscription to a company like the National Magazine Exchange.  If you have so much going on in your life and cannot bear the […]

Budget Through National Magazine

As a responsible adult, you really need to learn how to budget.  If not, you will encounter all sorts of difficulties in your everyday life.  It’s just not worth not picking up this skill. But if it seems that you kept getting yourself in a financial muddle, then why not consider taking out a subscription […]