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Getting in Shape for the Summer with the NME

If you are bored of all the same old salads, and feel like you never want to see another piece of lettuce again, it is probably time for you to shake things up a bit. But how do you do that? How do you think of healthy foods to make on a regular basis so […]

Spice Up Your Salads with the National Magazine Exchange

Bored of the same old tomato-and-cucumber based salad but still want to stick to your diet?  Tired of the same low fat recipes?  Get new ideas with a subscription to the National Magazine Exchange (NME).  With its wide variety of subject matters, the NME offers tons of ways to spice up your diet without adding […]

Diet and Shape Up with the National Magazine Exchange

If you want to try a new diet but don’t want to get into any of those fad diets, then you might want to look into getting a subscription to the National Magazine Exchange on this topic.  The beauty of such a subscription is that you can get fresh ideas on a regular basis.  So […]

Everyone’s on a Diet

Today, it seems that everyone is on a diet.  Some fad diets argue that you should avoid carbs while others say that you should avoid sugars.  Everyone has an opinion and a view.  To get in the game, and to figure out for yourself what diet is best, subscribe to a diet magazine.  Many of […]