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If Mohammed Won’t Come to the Mountain…

Ever wanted to visit Africa but just didn’t have the money?  Did you dream about the freedom of abseiling but were too afraid to try it?  Did you grow up wondering how life was for a cheerleader but were never asked to join the team?  Now is your chance to “do” all these things through […]

Men and Hobbies

It’s not true that hobbies are just for children and women. There is often a stigma attached to men developing hobbies, but there are indeed a variety of “manly” outlets available that could appeal to the most masculine of the male species.  How about going back in time and seeing how men used to spend […]

Share Hobbies Through the National Magazine Exchange

When a relationship gets a bit stale, try thinking about how to establish new shared interests, perhaps with the help of ideas contained in a magazine subscription.