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Raising Well-Adjusted Children

It’s not always easy to know when to rebuke a child and when to let things go.  Thankfully, parents and their offspring have been dealing with this issue for many years, and, throughout history, have developed easier ways of confronting the situation.  There are a  variety of magazine titles to help one become the parent […]

Treating Kids with Magazines

Do you want your kids to behave better?  But you don’t want to bribe them with candies?  How about finding a really fun magazine for them to subscribe to?  Then, each month, that can be the “bribe.”  If they clean their room they get to enjoy their magazine.  If they tidy up before dinner, they […]

Nighttime Story-Time with the NME

Getting your kids into a good bedtime routine is crucial – for you and for them.  But sometimes it can be hard to do if they are already in a bad routine.  One way of changing such bad habits though, is to entice them with something fun – like reading to them.  There are a […]