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Coping and National Magazine Exchange

After a trauma or loss, grief follows.  How does one deal with this while continuing with their everyday lives? There are some great tips in magazines and that is a good – less heavy – way of coping.  The National Magazine Exchange offers some great discounts on their magazines too. For those individuals who are […]

Helpful Hints with National Magazine Exchange

If you are about to have a baby and you are not living near any family or anyone who you think could be a big help to you at this momentous time, you might want to look into the possibility of getting a subscription to a helpful magazine with the National Magazine Exchange.  Through this […]

National Magazine Exchange Subscription Great for Rainy Days

For those of you who are sick and tired of the rainy days that seem to be endless, and are just bored of sitting in front of the big screen, why not take a break?  If you sign up to the National Magazine Exchange and order yourself a subscription, this could be a great way […]

Teenage Troubles? Take Out a National Magazine Exchange Subscription

Every teenager goes through something.  It’s just par for the course. It’s often especially tough on parents and indeed other siblings trying to live with the troubled teen.  So what is one to do during this challenging time? How can you – as a responsible parent – make it better for your teen going through […]

Fashion Advice from National Magazine Exchange

When you start to get sick and tired of the same old look, it may be time to look at new fashion advice. You can get all you need from a subscription at the National Magazine Exchange. Through this magazine company, choose from many different titles and subject matters. Find the best fashion advice for […]

Get Tips on Parenthood with National Magazine Exchange

It’s true that there’s the Internet.  And there are books too.  But it’s often even more enjoyable and informative to read first hand – in a magazine subscription from National Magazine Exchange – how other first time parents are coping.  Look at their baby pictures; see what milestones their newborns are reaching and enjoy the […]

Pet Maintenance and National Magazine Exchange

If you finally caved in to one of your kids and agreed to get them a pet, remember that despite their best intentions, it will ultimately be you who is the prime caretaker.  So what do you do if you really have no idea how to take care of a canine?  How are you meant […]

Share Hobbies Through the National Magazine Exchange

When a relationship gets a bit stale, try thinking about how to establish new shared interests, perhaps with the help of ideas contained in a magazine subscription.

National Magazine Exchange for Anniversary Gift?

National Magazine Exchange for Anniversary Gift? Your parents are approaching their 40th wedding anniversary and you are at a complete loss as to what to get them.  It’s not like there is anything they need at this point!  But still, you want to make it special. So you try to think of something that they […]

National Magazine Exchange: Learn Photography

National Magazine Exchange has a variety of photography magazines to choose from. Have you always dreamed of being the person on the other side of the camera snapping away?  Wondered what the professional photographers have that you don’t have? Well, the good news is that with the rise in ownership of digital cameras these days, […]