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Arts and Crafts with the National Magazine Exchange

With the school year underway, it’s time to think about great afternoon activities with the kids.  One great way to pass the time is to explore the beautiful changing weather and to center art projects around these changes.  For instance, you can have kids collect leaves and press them into frames and pictures.  You can […]

NME: Changing with Your Tastes

It’s often difficult to know what to get for a child for his birthday or for a major event like a confirmation or a bar mitzvah.  What does the kid need?  One great idea is to offer him a magazine subscription.  This is a gift that keeps on giving, since every month they’ll receive the […]

Tackling Reading Issues with National Magazine Exchange

Certainly, some reading issues are severe and require outside intervention.  If, however, your child simply doesn’t love to read, or he resists your attempts to make him read a novel, here are some handy suggestions.  Rather than fighting with a child about reading, there are great ways to encourage a love of words in other […]

Cooking Light with National Magazine Exchange

Today, everyone is worried about their health and their diet.  There are many great ways to learn to cook for a healthier diet.  You can certainly go to a nutritionist who can teach you about healthy cooking.  You can buy some cookbooks that explain cooking light and have great tips and suggestions for meal planning. […]