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Chevy High Performance

For those who love their Chevy but want to get more out of it, Chevy High Performance – offered through a National Magazine Exchange subscription – provides reviews on cars and trucks; news; resources; accessories and parts on the: Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, Cobalt, Corvette, Malibu and Impala. There is a section on featured Chevrolet cars […]

Bowhunt America

For serious bowhunters, Bowhunt America is the magazine of choice.  Offered at a greatly reduced rate through a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange, Bowhunt America provides simple solutions to your bowhunting problems.  It offers tactics for the bowhunter; bowhunting equipment and more and has been praised for many of its features, reports and spotlights.  […]

Boating Magazine

Always dreamed of a hobby involving boats?  Find yourself looking forward to retirement to take up boating?  Or perhaps you have had a boat for years and want to stay in the know about advancements in the field.  Whatever reason you have for your boating interest, the Boating magazine offered by the National Magazine Exchange […]

Black Belt Magazine

Always wanted to get started with martial arts but never found the right time or opportunity?  Love watching your kids do judo and want to help them improve?  Black Belt magazine from the National Publishers Exchange is a great way to start.  Learn new tips; find out what is going on in the world of […]

Automobile Magazine

Love cars?  Always dreamed of driving something sportier and cooler than what you currently drive?  Can’t afford a high-end vehicle but still dream of owning one someday anyway?  Then Automobile Magazine is for you.  By taking out a subscription through the National Magazine Exchange, this can be yours for a relatively inexpensive price as well. […]


Art lovers will enjoy the news, opinions, criticisms and more that make regular contributions in ARTnews.  Being “the most widely read art magazine in the world,” ARTnews was established in 1902, rendering it the world’s “oldest and most widely circulated art magazine.” It boasts a circulation of 180,000 spanning 123 countries and can be yours […]

Architectural Digest

Ever wanted to design your own home?  Dreamed of becoming a designer for a friend or taking it up as a profession?  The National Magazine Exchange offers a great price on a subscription to Architectural Digest.  Indeed this magazine is today viewed as the global authority on design, with work from top architects and designers.  […]

Who Wants to be an American Cowboy?

Always dreamed of being a cowboy?  Or perhaps just dressing like one?  Make that dream a bit of a reality, or at least vicariously through its reality by signing up for a National Magazine Exchange subscription to American Cowboy.  Find out about the top 101 Western gatherings; horse shows; concerts and more.  Read reviews on […]

Make it a “Mustang” Day

Okay so you might not be able to afford a 5.0 Mustang or Super Ford, but that does not mean you have to stop dreaming does it?  Thanks to great subscription deals from the National Magazine Exchange, one can now enjoy a monthly insight into what life would be like with one of these super […]

Recovering from the Holiday Season

Christmas and New Year celebrations are always a potentially fun time away from the humdrum of everyday life.  But what can also happen is that people get so off schedule, they eat way more than their bodies are accustomed to and do not get any exercise.  This can leave one feeling quite out of sorts.  […]