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Car Craft

For those who have always liked the idea of engaging in boy/man crafts like car projects, a National Publishers Exchange subscription to Car Craft magazine would make a perfect gift.  This monthly magazine offers various projects, reviews on accessories and parts, drag racing, hot rodding and more.  Car Craft has a long history, having first […]

Boating Magazine

Always dreamed of a hobby involving boats?  Find yourself looking forward to retirement to take up boating?  Or perhaps you have had a boat for years and want to stay in the know about advancements in the field.  Whatever reason you have for your boating interest, the Boating magazine offered by the National Magazine Exchange […]

Black Belt Magazine

Always wanted to get started with martial arts but never found the right time or opportunity?  Love watching your kids do judo and want to help them improve?  Black Belt magazine from the National Publishers Exchange is a great way to start.  Learn new tips; find out what is going on in the world of […]

Magazines for Seniors

No matter what stage one is at in life, there are issues.  From babies to the elderly; teens to first-time job-seekers – all groups have different trials.  It is thus advisable to share these challenges and seek out assistance from others going through the same thing.  The National Publishers Exchange offers different titles for different […]

Top Tips on Finances

Always confused about your finances?  Stuck on how to begin making a budget?  Are you clueless on how to teach your children about the value of money?  Consider getting a magazine subscription.  A monthly magazine delivered to your door can be a stimulating way to learn about finances.  Magazines are often filled with great – […]

Go Green with Magazine Tips

There is so much talk these days about preserving the environment and sustainable energy.  But often, while people really want to help take care of the environment, they feel as if it is too overwhelming to know how to do it.  In such a situation, it is a good idea to find tips in a […]

Keeping Calm over the Holidays

While the holidays are always very exciting, with that, can also come a significant amount of stress.  There is a lot of preparation for Thanksgiving – the shopping, cooking, organizing – and even more so for those who are hosting overnight guests.  So the trick is, to try to enjoy it and, at the same […]

Becoming More Efficient

There are so many ways one can save money and be more efficient: around the house, in the office, or in fact anywhere.  Sometimes, the best way to get regular tips at one’s fingertips is through the pages of a glossy magazine.  Companies such as the National Magazine Exchange have a whole slew of different […]

A Perfect Gift for the Elderly

With the baby boom generation, the population is increasingly aging and there are many more elderly than was the case some years ago.  While this is good news on the one hand (that people are living longer), what often happens is that these people find themselves on their own.  Maybe their partners have passed on, […]

Becoming Environmentally-Friendlier

Our planet is precious and it deserves to be treated as such.  So often, people are simply unaware of how easy it is to protect and save the environment.  Sign up for a magazine from the National Magazine Exchange to learn about global warming; climactic changes; microbes from the dinosaur age; fungi and the creation […]