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Benefits of an NME Subscription

There are many benefits to taking out a subscription with the National Magazine Exchange.  First, you will save a lot more money than if you purchase your magazine from a stand or a store.  Second, you will be privy to lots of promotional products sales (more savings).  Third, if you choose to take out your […]

Learn About Nails with National Magazine Exchange

For those people who love manicures and pedicures and find themselves spending a fortune of money on these luxurious services, they might want to consider learning how to do it themselves.  If you learn this skill, you can offer it to a friend who also knows how to do it, who can thereafter do it […]

Spend Less, Enjoy More; Subscribe to NME

Everyone is making cut-backs these days.  Money is a tough issue at the moment and not that many people seem to have fully recovered from the global economic crisis.  But still, it is almost impossible to cut everything enjoyable out of your budget.  So maybe you don’t have to.  With such great deals from the […]