Teenage Troubles? Take Out a National Magazine Exchange Subscription

Every teenager goes through something.  It’s just par for the course. It’s often especially tough on parents and indeed other siblings trying to live with the troubled teen.  So what is one to do during this challenging time? How can you – as a responsible parent – make it better for your teen going through this transition?  Strange as it may sound, taking out a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange may actually be one way of you taking a step forward.
First, you can use your National Magazine Exchange subscription to learn about new ways of how to handle difficult teenagers, from articles written by experts in the field dealing with this kind of problem.  Second, you can order your teenage a subscription from the National Magazine Exchange on a subject of interest to them. By doing something  nice without being asked – from an oft-moody, difficult-to-live-with teen – you  might just get some brownie points and have a nicer teen at home, at least temporarily.
Magazines are such easy feel good ways of bringing harmony into a home.  It’s not a guaranteed solution to teenage troubles of course, but it might just be a nice initial stepping stone.

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